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Practice Race

Saturday, May 28, 2022 (12:00 pm - 2:00 pm)


Event Information


MYC Race Committee will be setting a short course on Saturday May 28th as part of their Race Officer Training. Racers from all fleets are invited to come for one or more practice races and/or starts (total number TBD). Scores will be kept but not made part of any official race series.  

Depending on attendance, fleets may receive their own starts or start together. Information will be provided on the Course Board on RC1. First Start is scheduled for 12pm Noon. 

Please refrain from sending questions or communications to the Race Committee over VHF as they will be focusing on volunteer training. The Race Committee may communicate to competitors using VHF channel 78A. Race committee VHF broadcasts concerning its intentions, the course to be sailed, starting times, course changes, OCS hails, etc. are a courtesy only. Competitors may not monitor VHF channel 71 (reserved for Race Committee use).

Event Registration/Sign-Up is not required to attend but is appreciated to help our Race Committee and Volunteers know what to expect. 

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