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2024 Burrows Small Boat Storage (Includes $20 refundable work hrs)

Monday, Dec 30, 2024 (9:00 am - 9:00 am)

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Burrows Storage

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About Burrows Boat Storage

Burrows has a "small boat" and "large boat" storage fee. Fees are divided into a "storage fee" and a refundable "work hours" fee.

A "Small Boat" is one that would fit on the rack next to the shore (not on the rail-cart system)

You get $20 of credit for each 1 hour of work you put into the park (rounded to $15 minute increments) and at the end of the season we refund the "work hours" fee based on the work hours you've sent to the Burrows Park administrator.

We have a "Pier in day" which usually lasts 3 hours and a "Pier out day" which also usually lasts 3 hours.

The fee to store a "small boat" at Burrows park is

$58 + tax ( $58.29) + $20 refundable "work hours"

Where is Burrows: (Bing Map)

For more information - please contact MYC.

On signing up for this event, you will be asked to agree to the Burrows Storage Contract.

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