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Memorial Day Race

Monday, May 27, 2024 (10:05 am - 11:05 am)

Open, no signups allowed

Event Information


Memorial Day Race - On Memorial Day, it is the intention of the Race Committee to conduct a ceremonial memorial start prior to rolling into the starting sequence for the first racing fleet to start (i.e., the first line on the Course Board will be left blank or will indicate "Memorial Fleet" and the warning signal for the first racing fleet to start will be the starting signal for the ceremonial Memorial Fleet). The class flag for the Memorial Fleet may be the U.S. Yacht Ensign or the Stars and Stripes.

Specialty Handicap Races (Memorial Day Handicap, July Fourth Handicap, Labor Day Handicap) are scored using a boat's handicap average from up to its five (5) most recent Specialty Handicap Races (a boat must have competed in at least three prior Specialty Handicap Races to qualify). For all Specialty Handicap Races except for the Labor Day Handicap, a boat’s handicap is calculated by dividing the elapsed time of its first three legs by the elapsed time of the first E-Scow to complete three legs. For the Labor Day Handicap, the elapsed time of each boat is calculated by dividing its elapsed time for the race by the elapsed time of the first E-Scow to finish the race. If no E-Scow completes three legs (or the race, as applicable), then the MYC Scorer, in consultation with the Oracle at Delphi, will guess how long it would have taken an E-Scow to complete three legs (or the race) under the prevailing conditions; all decisions of the MYC Scorer in this regard shall be final and un-appealable. For Hoofers boats, handicaps will be kept and applied by skipper rather than by boat.

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